Waxing isn’t just something nice – it’s become a seasonal necessity. Recent additions to waxing such as sugaring has made it more natural experience! Here are some of the biggest waxing trends that have made the beauty bar the place to be in 2019.

Bikini Designs Waxing Trends

Honey Brow WaxBikini waxing is no longer about the “classic”, the simple touch up around the edges of the panty line. There’s now the “extended bikini” which goes a bit further, removing the hair outside the thong line for a smooth, not too bare feeling. But 2019 is still the era of the Brazilian: this favourite request leaves absolutely no hair behind unless the client requests otherwise.

Hey, why not have a little fun!  A lot of women are changing it up in 2019 by getting different designs like the triangle and rectangular strip, which are popular. To find out what we can do for you, all you have to do is ask!

Body Sugar Waxing Trends

New wax options have made the hair removal procedure a lot more tolerable, but one of the best advances has also made it more natural, too! Body sugar is an incredibly simple combination of three ingredients – lemon juice, water, and actual sugar. It’s heated into a paste that we can apply to any area, and it will only remove the things you don’t want: hair and dead skin cells. Sugaring will not remove any layers of skin so it can be applied to the same place twice with no irritation.  This prevents microscopic tearing that can put you at risk of infection, making the treatment much less painful. 

The awesome benefits of sugaring is that it naturally exfoliates? Your skin will feel so much smoother.  And…if there is any sugar left over a warm cloth will dissolve it right away!

Waxing Comfortably

It’s not just body sugar that’s making hair removal a more delightful experience; we use gentle wax at Blue Ash Beauty Bar.  We find that spending a little extra money to get sensitive wax has done wonders for our clients.  They barely feel the waxing procedure as the wax is extra silky and glides off the skin perfectly.  We tried other waxes and nothing compares to the one we have now.  We are very glad we found it.

Organic Skincare Waxing Trends

One of the best ways to treat yourself post-waxing is with soothing and complete natural skincare.  Which is applied 24 hours after the treatment. 2019 is a year where people have come to see organic, plant-based ingredients are great for more than just their diet; these ingredients help your skin heal after waxing, as they are much less likely to irritate the sensitive skin.

Our healing cream by From The Meadow, include no artificial chemical perfumes, petroleum products, dyes, or preservatives.  They even grow the healing herbs on their own farm which we have seen first hand! Contact us to learn more!

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