Eyebrows can really be a stand out feature and make your eyes pop. The solution for getting perfect brows is different for everyone based on their face shape.  The arches, fronts and tails are measured in relativity to your eyes in order to achieve the best look for your face!

How to achieve amazing brows!

In determining what’s best, try to find and idea of how you want your brow shape and consult with your beauty expert to see if this shape lines up with your face shape. You will be able to determine what will give you the best result.  If you have thick brows alot can be done to get the perfect shape through waxing or sugaring, trimming and plucking.  If your brows are thin, the best is to clean up the strays and create a shape without removing too much.  Then we can apply a tint to make them stand out.

In addition we can fill in your brows with our Organic Brow Pencils (made locally) to give you a polished look.  We also provide brow shading lessons so you can fill in your brows to create more shape or fill in any gaps.  This service is 1 hour.  We provide you with your measurements, your own measuring tool, brow brushes, and microbrushes to create straight lines.

Brow Tinting London Ontario

Once you have your eyebrows shaped properly they are easy to maintain.  Some people don’t have to touch them and some need to fill them in, if they are cleaned up this provides a perfect canvas for makeup and makes your look polished, clean and you eyes pop!  You can also brush them or put aloe vera on them or a brow gel to keep them in place (double check if you are allergic or not).  We prefer natural solutions but this is up to you!

Tinting can also really enhance your brows.  We customize the colour to match your hair and your skin tone. We love brows and feel we can give you your own personal perfect brows! Contact us to learn more.

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