As a young girl, I remember having thick eyebrows and did not know how to deal with them.  In my generation thin eyebrows were cool; so being young and impressionable, I jumped on the bandwagon. My wiser self would have warned me against it as I crave to have thick, full eyebrows.

Luckily we have access to multiple things to help us keep our brows looking great. Even though this is true it took me years to perfect my ideal brow. I know there are many issues in the world that are more pressing but I see confidence as the gateway to achievement. It comes from within, but the more you feel confident the more you learn to take care of yourself and this intern makes you feel better inside and out.

My goal is to give you a guideline on how to achieve the look you want and can feel good about!

Grow Your Brows Out:

I know I know, it’s painful to see all those stray hairs but it’s worth it to grow it out so you have hair to work with to create the perfect shape for your face.

Wax Your Brows:

Once your brows are all grown out it’s important to see an experienced waxer to start you off with the correct shape.  The best plan is to go back once your brows are grown out again. The more you wax; the thinner the hair grows, as the hair is taken from the follicle.  Note that if you have any unruly hairs your waxer will trim them for you as opposed to removing them as to not leave a gap in your shape.

Shaping with a Brow Pencil, Retractable, or Wax

You can either ask for a lesson with your brow technician or head to your nearest beauty store and have the cosmetician help you choose the colour best suited to what you need.  I always offer lessons on how to draw your brows to avoid a lot of headaches! I suggest going with a pencil first as it is a good way to practice. Waxes and retractable’s are a bit more expensive so you don’t want to waste them on practising.  

Once you are an expert at your own brows I would suggest trying both wax and retractable to see which you like.  I ended up going back to a pencil myself so you can figure out which works best. Just make sure to constantly sharpen your pencil if that is the option you are choosing!  

Once you have your pencil sharpened start at the front of your brows and draw a soft outline of the desired brow you want.  If your brows are groomed properly the line will be created for you but if you are sparse make the shape you want to fill in.  Go back to the front of your brows and create straight soft hair-like strokes that mirror the way your brows grow in this section.  Start from the bottom of your brows and stroke upwards. To fill in the rest create soft hair-like strokes that mirror the way your brows are naturally growing.  If you put too much on or it looks to intense use a brow brush and lightly stroke over your brows to soften the lines.

If a description is too tough and you are a visual learner feel free to contact me for a lesson!

Trim Your Brows (if applicable)

While you are in the process of growing your brows out, some hairs may grow longer than the others so if you need to trim them before heading to see your brown expert use a brow brush or brow wand and comb them upwards.  Keep them in place with the wand or brush and trim the fronts of your brows straight across. When you’re heading into the arches or ends you can trim them as well but make sure not to trim more than is needed so you don’t take away from the shape.

I hope I was able to help with your brow questions.  If you need anything further feel free to contact me!

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