If you are looking for perfectly shaped eyebrows then you will love Blue Ash’s eyebrow waxing package. When it comes to achieving the perfect brow shape, it’s not as easy as it looks. Our affordable and professional package will give you your dream eyebrows! Are you wondering how to prepare or what to expect? Here are some things to know before eyebrow waxing!

Decide Your Style

Before you start waxing your eyebrows you will need to decide which shape you would prefer. Do you like them full and defined, just cleaned up, or a high arch? A technician should never just start waxing away at your brows without knowing what you want your brows to look like. Blue Ash will consult with you to decide which eyebrow shape and style you prefer!

You Will Get What You Pay For 

Many places offer cheaper eyebrow waxing or DIY waxing tips. These methods tend to be a little riskier considering you get what you pay for! When you get your eyebrows done from a professional you will end up with properly shaped eyebrows. Redness is usually a concern with eyebrow waxing but to minimize irritability, quality can go a long way!

Redness May Last For A Couple Hours

Redness may last for a few hours after you finished your eyebrow waxing but this is totally normal! Professional eyebrow waxing helps to minimize irritation and redness. Some people cover up the redness with makeup if they need too!

Your Brows May Be Trimmed

Your brows may be trimmed before waxing to minimize pain and complications. If you trim your eyebrows then it can offer a shorter piece of hair to be waxed making it much easier and efficient. This helps hair to stay in place and not wander out of the shape. It also is one of the steps that allows people to get ultra-defined brows.

The Process

You should except a consultation and then your eyebrows will be cleansed before waxing. The process should only be painful for under a minute (as the hair is being removed). Professionally done eyebrows hurt much less and can be a quicker process. You’ll be surprised how different you look with your newly shaped eyebrows!

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