We used to accept the brows we were born with, but that’s no longer how we do beauty. Like your hair or eyelashes, eyebrows can be shaped and styled to fit your desired look, and it makes so much sense. Whether you’re a man or a woman, it is so easy to change your look with just a little eyebrow care!

How Can Eyebrows Change Your Look?

An old cliche says that the eyes are the windows to the soul. That may or may not be true, but your eyes can be some of the most striking features on your face. Eyebrows can give them a helping hand, as they seriously impact how people notice their clarity. If they’re bold, styled correctly, and the correct length, eyebrows draw much more positive attention to those little soul windows.

But it’s not just the parts of your face immediately around the eyebrows. When they’re on point, the eyebrows improve every facial feature. The fullness of colour, hair thickness, and length of your eyebrows can all affect your beauty goals because they make contouring a different part of the face relatively easy. But properly choosing the colour of makeup tools like the brow pencil is a false start; what everyone needs are two things: colour and shape.

The Colour of Your Brows

Colour is key because it can be used to embolden both the brows themselves and the eyes below. It can also be used to fill in patchy and blonde hairs that look almost invisible to everyone around you. Whatever look you’re going for, a bolder shade that works with your hair, skin tone, and eye colour is everything.

One of the best beauty products to fill in your eyebrows is, believe it or not, henna dye! Not just for skin, this safe, natural dye gives a super bold definition and tint and comes in a wide variety of shades that will suit any skin tone. Best of all, henna eyebrows are practically maintenance-free – it will be weeks before you reach for that brow pencil!

The Shape Of Your Brows

The harder part, at least for those of us trying at-home brow care, is the shape. The shape and substance of your brows depend on the dimensions of your face, how round, elongated, or square your face shape is, and even the style of your hair! On top of this, eyebrows are not the same on every face, so what’s trendy might not be the best look for you. Besides, one pluck too many and you’re looking at bald brows for a very long time.

So skip the tweezers and the awkwardly hunching yourself in front of the bathroom mirror – go for a wax in a professional setting. A good wax will tame overgrown brows and whip them back into shape without hurting the definition you need. By doing this with good colour, your brows can accentuate your best features, working in line with your cheekbones, the size of your eyes, your forehead, and your nose shape.

No matter what your style, the colour and the shape of your eyebrows can go a long way to bring out the best features in your face. What are your #browgoals for 2019? Contact us to learn more!

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