Body sugaring is an all-natural alternative to waxing, and you’ve probably heard that it’s much more gentle and less painful on the skin. This is true, but this hair removal treatment doesn’t always start out that way. What you can expect on your very first body sugaring appointment won’t be the same as the appointments following it!

What Makes Sugaring Different From Waxing?

The difference between body waxing and body sugaring is in the ingredients. Many conventional waxes are made from synthetic ingredients that can be harsh on your skin. Body sugar, however, removes unwanted hair with natural ingredients: it’s a mixture of water, lemon juice, and (of course) sugar, that is then heated together to make a paste. After it’s applied, it is then removed off with a flick of the beautician’s wrist, taking the sugar and your hair together.

Honey Brow WaxWhile body sugar is great for removing hair, it doesn’t hold on to your skin, meaning your epidermis won’t come off when the hair and sugar does. While it’s more gentle than waxing, we do a few extras to make you as comfortable as possible.

How We Prep The Skin

When applying sugar, an aesthetician will first apply a powder, like talcum, to absorb the natural oils on your skin. It also works as a binding agent, and helps the hair separate from the skin. The sugar is then laid onto the skin, going in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Going “against the grain” gives the sugar a better grip on the hair, letting us remove it at its root the first time. After the sugar has adhered, we then pulled it away with a strip.

That’s pretty much it! After you’re done, you might find your skin feels soft as well as smooth. This is because the sugar also acts as an exfoliant, and because it’s water soluble, it will provide a little moisturizing action, too. This stands in sharp contrast to waxing, which can be really drying.

How Painful Or Uncomfortable Is Body Sugaring?

Your skin might also feel uncomfortable, though the pain you feel afterwards depends on where you are having the hair removed. The first appointment will be the most painful, and if you’re a long-time shaver, it might feel even more uncomfortable. This is because the base of the hair shaft will be much bigger and more rooted; the roots get weaker with each successive treatment, meaning it gets much less painful, but this could take a few months. If you have long, dense, coarse hair, your sugaring appointment might be more painful, but for very fine hair, sugaring is a more comfortable experience.

After the procedure, your skin might look red and feel sensitive. You can use a cold compress to reduce this discomfort, holding it to the area about two minutes at a time. For the first 24 hours after your appointment, avoid sun tanning, soaps with perfumes or chemical scents, exfoliating, and strenuous exercise; and don’t go in a hot tub for at least two days!

While the pain is relative, we can assure you that what you will experience is not at the level of waxing. Body sugar is also much better for people with sensitive skin because you won’t experience the same level of inflammation that you’d feel after a waxing. For anyone who has had it with waxing and shaving and needs an alternative, body sugaring is the thing for you! Contact us to learn more.

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